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Hollie. 21 years old. Cornwall, UK Hares a hopping

Bluebells in the pretty graveyard taken 18/4/2014

It’s been so sunny today took a stroll through a very busy Falmouth and then along the beach. Holidaymaker madness everywhere….already! It feels like every flower and leaf has suddenly popped out these things seem to happen overnight. Like in Autumn when you wake up one morning and all the leaves seem to of changed….I love spring and autumn so much 💕

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Lucy Rose, Photographed for The Sunday Times Style


I want to be terrifying but in a cute way

I've been having small panic attacks since September but today i had a really bad one and It was really scary. I don't know what's going on with me and what to do. I still fell really sick and anxious. I just needed to talk to someone.


Okay, first of all have you told anybody about what’s going on? Parents, friends or doctor etc? If you want to talk about it more in depth don’t be afraid to come off anon and we can talk privately. Do you know what is triggering the attacks? Or how they began? I’m not being nosey it’s just relevant info I’d need to know how best to help you. I’m going to tell you how I’ve been learning to cope with anxiety and even how I manage to control it to such an extent that it doesn’t go into a full blown attack. Just before you have an attack how do you feel? I feel an overwhelming sense of dread and it’s almost like an electric shock feeling going through my body. When I get this “flash” of panic (which is just adrenalin being released) I tell myself that it’s just anxiety and nothing bad is going to happen to me. The trick is to relax your body to the best of your ability (hard I know) and to let it happen without freaking out inside your head. If you start thinking “omg what’s happening” “omg I’m gonna die” etc. you are adding more tension and fear and making the attack escalate. So if you can just remind yourself that panic and the awful symptoms of it can’t hurt you and that they always die down if you wait it can really aid your recovery. I probably haven’t explained this method very well. But it was one adopted by a lady called Dr Claire Weekes you can find her audio books on iTunes they’ve been a god send to me. I also have physical copies of two of her books which are more in depth. Her audio books were recorded in the 70’s I believe and some of the things she says seem old fashioned but the method she instills for dealing with agoraphobia, panic attacks an general anxiety really does work. I would really recommend googling her name and having a read about her. Then maybe getting one of her recordings or books. Even with the self help she teaches you may find you need a little extra support (like me) and you may want to try Cognitive behavioural therapy. I’ve only had one session so far but it does have really high success rates and I’m more hopeful about my recovery now. I’ve had this problem for over 4 years and I can honestly say I really wish id been more open about it sooner and reached out for help. People do understand and will only want to help you :-) I also recommend learning all about what’s happening within your body when you get anxious and panic. Understanding what’s actually happening and knowing that it can’t hurt you in any way is very important. It helps you to loose your fear of panic. Even if your attacks are being caused by a phobia or outside trigger, not being afraid of the attacks themselves will really help you. I really want to help you, I hope this message is in some way helpful. I can do much more to help if you tell me a little more about your situation :-) xx

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Imagine spending all day at the beach with your boyfriend, your skin soaked up by the sun and then when it get’s a bit cooler you and him just lay on bed, still warm from the time at the beach and your hair still salty from the sea and you just fall asleep perfectly.


"Moon Dance" 

Phoebe Wahl 2014

Watercolor, collage, colored pencil. 20x14”. 

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