The Moon Kerensa Ryb An Keynvor

Kerensa Ryb An Keynvor

Hollie. 22 years old. Cornwall, UK


là duyên hay là nợ vậy hả mưa … | it’s raining out & inside 


Super incredibly maddening thing about mental illness:

Fighting your ass off to live a normal life and function as well as you can, and instead of getting credit and having people be proud of you for all the efforts you’re making, having people use your apparently normal behavior as a reason to invalidate you and think you weren’t that sick to begin with.

It takes a lot of badassery to act this normal, but the effort is all invisible 

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Adventure is calling


Johnny Depp: a summary (insp.)

The Moon by Nosigner is a topographically-accurate LED light created based on data retrieved from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya, appropriately named after the legendary Japanese moon princess Kaguya-hime.

Me being a posey arsehole on webcam…

Léa Seydoux / Miu Miu S/S 2015 (x)


Morning light and spider webs.


Gryffindor Common Room at Pottermore